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We regularly receive detailed specifications from buyers for plastics  required by them. Complete buyer details (email address, postal address, phone no., fax no., name of  contact person )  will be sent on payment of our nominal charges or on subscription . Please email  us, fill our buyer contact form  or contact on 91-022-25664078  if  any clarifications are required. Kindly note that most consumable products  are required regularly by the buyer

A company from Ukraine requires the following:
Present activities: import and sale building and decorate materials
Product specifications: Acrylic sheets (2050x3050 mm)
Payment terms: 30% prepayment
70% balance payment
Price range: US$2.00/kg
Quantity required: 1x40'HC


A company from Guatemala requires the following:
Product specifications: PLASTIC ECONOMICAL PENS
Payment terms: MONEY ORDER
Price range: $ 0.12 OR LESS
Quantity required: 25,000


A company from Coimbatore requires the following:
Present activities : CONSULTANCY
Product specifications: PET BOTTLE FLAKES
Payment terms : DIRECT
Price range: Rs 18/ per kg
Quantity required 500 tons /month

A company from Indonesia requires the following:
Product specifications: a.. PVC Rigid (Clear) - Utility Grade, Size : 60cm x 200cm. Thickness :
0,18mm; 0,20mm; 0,25mm; 0,3mm; 0,4mm; 0,5mm
b.. HIPS (Colored), Size : 46,6 - 60cm x 200cm. Thickness : 0,3mm; 0,4mm
There's should be many type requiered in the future but it will adjusted by our customer needs.
Quantity required: PVC-rigid (Clear) :
0,18mm (Thickness), 60cm x 200cm : 400 rolls / month
0,20mm (Thickness), 60cm x 200cm : 250 rolls / month
0,25mm (Thickness), 60cm x 200cm : 250 rolls / month
0,30mm (Thickness), 60cm x 200cm : 170 rolls / month
0,40mm (Thickness), 60cm x 200cm : 100 rolls / month
0,50mm (Thickness), 60cm x 200cm : 100 rolls / month
Thickness 0,3mm; 46,6cm x 200cm : 150 rolls / month
Thickness 0,4mm; 46,6cm x 200cm : 150 rolls / month


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