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Updated:Monday September 05, 2005                    


The internet can be used effectively to generate genuine trade enquiries. Four years back a large number of  useful, free trade websites and message boards existed. Today due to email  and search engine spamming, almost all websites require a registration/login/password and a large number of the better websites no longer exist. We believe creating passwords to  login into access every website on the internet are a waste of time. Please read this article on the problems of passwords as used in the real world.  Please send an email  or fill our supplier registration form, if you wish to add to this list of websites and so that we can provide you more useful information in future. In the last 6 months, the number of free and useful websites has further decreased. We hope these website owners will continue to maintain their useful websites.


UK Industry Marketplace - you can post buy or sell offers. You can post/view message and email of the various suppliers, buyers  and manufacturers. New offers are posted regularly.




Agriscape  - ranks very high in major search engines like and yahoo. On the message board, you can post your website url but your email address is not displayed as default. The number of messages displayed has been reduced. Since it is not moderated, contains a large number of junk postings and repeat postings from Chinese manufacturers


Vorras  - similar to Agriscape, with categories for various products. Like agriscape, few postings have the email addresses of the buyers or sellers               Review of login based websites like Alibaba


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