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Find below  details of fabricated tower required by a company in Mumbai, India . Company details including  email ,address,  telephone number,  name of contact person, for this specific enquiry will be sent on payment of our charges . Please email us or contact on 91-022-25664078  if interested.              Contact us                                                                                                                  

Product specifications: starting the production of wind energy converters in association with a German technology partner from July.The unit shall be located in Nasik and shall make 30-40 turbines in the first year.
You are requested to give offer  for the fabricated tower as per the drawing below (other drawings will be sent on request)

1.1 Tower
1.1.1 The Tower is tubular type made of steel tube in two sections total length 48.6m. The tower sections are conical. The sections are fabricated from sheet steel plates.
1.1.2 The cabinets for monitoring & control & switching are located within the tower base to protect against weathering conditions. WEC can be switched off/on from the tower bottom.
1.1.3 The tower has service platform and additional resting platforms.
1.1.4 Ladder is fitted inside the tower to climb-up & down. With safety rope & a geared motorized hoist to support climbing-up-down.
1.1.5 The tower is protected with three layers of protective coating & the welded joints are subjected to continuous quality control during manufacturing.


2.4 Tower

1. Type

2. Height




3. Top Diameter

4. Bottom Diameter

5. No of Section



    Top end Dia

    Bottom end Dia

6. Mass

7. Foundation Section


    Top Dia

    Max Dia


8.1 Paint System, outside:

      Surface treatment :

      Sand blasting :

      Metallizing :

      Sealing with two component

      Epozyprimer :


      Top coat :

      Corrosion class (DS/R 454):


8.2 Paint System, inside:

      Surface treatment:

      Sand blasting:

      Zinciferous primer:

      Top coat :

      Corrosion class (DS/R 454):


50m from Ground level at hub Height

(The Hub height includes 0.4m distances from foundation section to ground hood)

2.0 m



Top Section          Bottom Section

  26.6m                        22m

       2m                       2.6m

  2.60m                       3.3m

38,000 kg. (Apro.)





3500 kg.


Metallizing + painting

SA 3 ISO 8501-1

DSI/ISO 2063, 60 mm Zn

Approx. 20mm


Min. 90mm

UV resistant, min. 50 mm





SA 2.5 ISO 8501-1

Min. 40 mm

Min. 100 mm




 The mass production of the converters shall start as soon as its prototype is certified by  (world leader in engineering certifications) .The design has been already certified by the same company.

Click on thumbnail for detailed drawing

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