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We regularly receive detailed specifications from buyers for products required by them. Complete buyer details (email address, postal address, phone no., fax no., name of  contact person )  will be sent on payment of our nominal charges or on subscription . Please email  us, fill our feedback form  or contact on 91-022-25664078/55554853 if  any clarifications are required.


A company from Macedonia requires the following:
Product specifications: Cables:
1) YVV(NYY) 06/1 kV cable 3 x 95 + 50 3 km
2) YVV(NYY) 06/1 kV cable 3 x 120 + 70 15 km
3) YVV(NYY) 06/1 kV cable 3 x 150 + 70 18 km
4) YE3SV(2XSY) 20.3/35 kV XLPE cable 1 x 95 + 16 50 km
5) YE3SV(2XSY) 20.3/35 kV XLPE cable 1 x 240 + 25 35 km
Payment : 60 days after invoice date.
Delivery terms CIF - Istanbul, Turkey.

A company from Syria requires the following:
Present activities: We would like to make contact with any Indian company that
manufacture soft start power saving electronic circuits for the AC
Also we would like to know if a company named digiteck exists and does it work in this field?
There is no predetermined quantity, our local market is in need and
demanding for this type of products, We would like to start a partner ship
with a reliable manufacturer so as to be the authorized distributor within
Syria and the region.


A company from Mumbai requires the following:
Present activities: a) Indian agent for ***. Japan,
manufacturer of Epoxy & silicone products for Electronics Industry.
b) Design & manufacturer of various instruments for Bio-technology
Product specifications: DC-Dc convertor (required)
Input : 11- 13.5VDC
Output : 1) 160 Vdc @ 70mAmp.
2) 60 Vdc @ 200mA
Regulation: better than 1%
Protections : 1) Input under /overvoltage
2) Output overvoltage
3) Output short circuit
Facility : Choice of Constant voltage
or Constant current with indication. If possible auto change-over.
Size : as compact as possible without any heat
sink towers.
Payment terms: Normal credit facility
Price range: Competitive
Quantity required: lot 5 -10 pcs.


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