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Find below  details of dc electric gear motor required by a company in USA. Company details including  email ,address,  telephone number,  name of contact person, for this specific enquiry will be sent on payment of our charges . Please email us or contact on 91-022-25664078  if interested.              Contact us                                                                                                                  

Product specifications: The order of DC electric gear motor with following specification
Quantity : 2,500 Systems of Gear motors/ month:
- 20 RPM @ 100 in-Lb torque.
Equivalent of
20 RPM @ 12-14 N/m or your best fit of number of torque.
- 120 Volts to 24 Volts AC / DC converter.
- DC Voltage Regulator.
All the above parts (Motor, AC/DC converter, Voltage regulator) will be
installed into an enclosed device.
Please check  drawing file (below) for Gear box specification
E-mail us your quote. Price is landed at Los Angeles Port. LC confirmed
The first order is 2.500 Systems of Motor/month. It will be double in second

Click on thumbnail for detailed drawing

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