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Friday, October 21, 2005 2:46 PM
A company from USA requires the following:
Present activities: footwear/leather testing lab
Product specifications: require torsional stiffness tester to ASTM D2821
Detailed specifications are available at 
Payment terms:as arranged with supplier
Price range:$500 to $3000 USD
Quantity required:1 w/ spare parts (extra torsion wires)
Detailed specifications are available at
Send email for buyer information or to request a quote from manufacturers

A company from Pakistan requires the following:
Present activities:We are importers of tire tubes for motor cycles,cars and mini trucks.
We are also intrested in stock lots/excess inventroy/store returns of above mentioned tire
tubes.We can accept small as well big lots of any brand if offered at attractive prices
Product specifications:We are intrested in import of following sizes We can place trial order of
one container. Please quote C&F Karachi prices along with brand name and other details

Tire Tubes for Cars
1x45-90R12 4 ply
1x55-70R12 4 ply
1x65-70R12 4 ply
1x55-80R13 4 ply
1x75-70R13 4 ply
1x85-70R13 4 ply
1x 65-80R13 4 ply
1x85-R14 8 ply
1x95R14 8 ply
4x50-12 4 ply
4x50-12 8 ply
600x12 4 ply
6x15-13 4 ply

A company from Romania requires the following:
Present activities: flanges,BW fittings,valves
Product specifications:flanges,BW Fittings
Payment terms:L/C
Quantity required:minimum one full container 22 ton

A company from Syria requires the following:
Product specifications:requirement for transformers as follow:

a) 400 KVA Quantity: 25
b) 250 KVA Quantity: 75

- A tender for the PEDEE for the following:
a) 50 KVA Quantity: 400
b) 100 KVA Quantity: 300
c) 200 KVA Quantity: 300

A company from Iran requires the following:
Present activities:We are a Prod .Co based in Tehran . We would like to establish a
mineral water packing production line which has min 8000 bottles.1.5 lit
/hour output and we need machines (rising , filling , capping, jet
printer ,film shiring .)and plants with same speed we would appreciate
your sending us an up-to-date price list for your machines and would be
gratful if you let us have introductin and exact details of your
machines and how long space would it be need that would put there

A company from Lithuania requires the following:
Present activities:Sanitaryware trade
Product specifications: Sanitaryware; bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom
Payment terms: TT
Price range:Medium
Quantity required:1-2 40 ft HQ per month

A company from USA requires the following:
Present Activities:
Retailer & Importer of Islamic Clothing for the Family. We carry Jilbabs,
Abaya's, Hijab, Khimaars, Niqaabs, Gloves, Sleeves, Henna, Amirahs,
Georgette Scarves, Thobes, Kufi's, Izaars, Gutra's, Halaal Miswak
Toothpaste, Bakhoor Incense, Shea Butter Soaps, Lotions, & Creams, Prayer
Rugs, Qur'anic Pictures and More!!!!!
Product Specifications:
We desire Denim, Linen, Crepe, Polyester, Cotton, Khaki, Wool, Gaberdine
Overgarments. We desire Jilbabs & Abaya's with and without Hoods, Two-Piece
& Three-Piece Skirt Suits & Pant Suits as well as Turkish Jilbabs & Coats.
We desire, Skirts & Skirt Sets, Tunic Tops & Tunic Sets. We desire little
girls Jilbabs & Abaya's as well as little boy's Thobes & Two-Piece Sets.
Price Range: Depends on the quality of the product.
Quantity Required: By the Dozens

A company from Iran requires the following:
Present activities:our corporation have good relationship with many
major companies in Iran oil market and we are looking for a company that
can cooperate with us to find the spare parts for them.
Also we can discuss about to act as their Agent/Representetive in
our country
Product specifications:drilling equipment spares for oil industry

A company from Israel requires the following:
Product specifications:1. 175ml of plastic drinking cups (white or trans)
2. 200 cc white drinking cup
3. White fork
4. White knife
5. White tea spoon
6. White soup spoon
7. Plate 170mm
8. Plate 185mm
9. Plate 210mm
10. Plate 220 mm
11. Deep soup plate 21.oz
12. Deep soup plate 14.oz
13. Deep soup plate 12.oz
I would like to bay 40 fit containers for every 3 months of each product.
Please notice that we all ready recieved an offer that is 5.65$ for 1000

Thursday, October 20, 2005 1:31 PM
A company from USA requires the following:
Present activities: consulting, buyer's agent
Product specifications: SEAMLESS STEEL PIPES ASTM A 106 GR B length
6,000 mm or 5,800 mm.
Delivery: As soon as possible
Destination/Price terms: CIF C1% Haifa Israel
Payment terms: L/C at sight
Price range: The best offer
Quantity required:

21.3 x 2.45 - 50 ton
21.3 x 2.50 - 20 ton
33.4 x 3.20 - 150 ton
33.4 x 4.20- 30 ton
42.2 x 3.20- 50 ton
48.3 x 3. 30 - 50 ton
60.3 x 3. 50 - 100 ton
60.3 x 3. 91 - 20 ton
60.3 x 5.00 - 30 ton
73.0 x 4.8 - 30 ton
88.9 x 3.80 - 40 ton
88.9 x 5.00- 100 ton
114.3 x 6.00 - 20 ton
Total 710 MT

100,000 psi

Delivery: Second quarter 2006, in our hand. the contract must be
signed in November, 2005
Destination/Price terms: FOB C1%
Payment terms: L/C at sight
Price range: The best offer
Quantity required:
1. 1,000 meters
OD 13 3/8 " ( 339.7 mm )
Weight 72 lb/ft
Draft Dia ( min ) 12.250" ( 311.1 mm )
WT 0.514" ( 13.1 mm )
Grade N-80
Collapse min. 2,670 psi ( 188 kg/cm2)
Pipe end API BT&C
Range length 2

2. 2,000 meters
OD 9 5/8 " ( 244.5 mm )
Weight 40 lb/ft
Draft Dia ( min ) 8.679" ( 220.5 mm )
WT 0.395" ( 10.0 mm )
Grade N-80
Collapse min. 3,090 psi ( 217 kg/cm2)
Pipe end API BT&C
Range length 2

3. 8,000 meters
OD 7 " ( 177.8 mm )
Weight 26 lb/ft
Draft Dia ( min ) 6.151" ( 156.2 mm )
WT 0.362" ( 9.2 mm )
Grade N-80
Collapse min. 5,410 psi ( 380 kg/cm2)
Pipe end API BT&C
Range length 2

NOTE: BT&C = Buttress Thread with Regular Same Grade Coupling
Range length 2 = 25-34 feet
Send email for buyer information or to request a quote from manufacturers
A company from Uganda requires the following:
Product specifications: We want URGENTLY to extract passion fruit juice & pack it preferably
(tetrapack style)..
beginning with crushing 10 tons per 8 hour day...

A company from Iran requires the following:
Present activities : Bolts, nuts, screw, pipe fittings, wire rod, S/S A2-70
Product specifications: Bolts, nuts, screw, pipe fittings as perDIN 933-931 , 934, 912, 7991 etc.,
Payment terms : L/C At sight.
Price range: It depends on situation
Quantity required: Anually 500 tons.

A company from UAE requires the following:
Product specifications: 1) Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag to BS6699 for the UAE, Bahrain
and Qatar Markets: Quantity required 6000 MT/month.Specs sent for reference on request, for your
ready reference and immediate action.
2) Fly Ash to ASTM Class F (minimum requirement) for Bahrain and UAE, quantity required
3) Superfine Fly Ash - for UAE, Quantity require 400MT/month
4) Cement Clinker , Quantity require 15000MT/month
The quantities are very large for which we need to get approvals and them only we can start
building up these quantities in stages , as we need to get approvals from consultants and end
If you can assist us to source these products from India , we shall be pleased to utilise your
We would prefer that these products are sourced from suppliers in the western/ southern part of
india , who are located near the coastal areas as shipping costs can be large if sourced from other
All payments shall be by Letter of Credit drawn on any Indian Bank.

A company from USA requires the following:
Product specifications: Hand tooled/engraved handbags, wallets, belts, backpacks, luggage
Quantity required: Open
Payment terms: Open
Additional information
interested in importing finished leather products (hand tooled/engraved handbags, wallets, belts,
backpacks, luggage) for my company. Would like information on products you sell, pictures and

A company from South Africa requires the following:
Present activities: Manufacturing of mosquito nets
We are a new company that is going to be manufacturing mosquito nets for
babies and children. We have found a couple of suppliers in India that
supply netting at very reasonable prices, but because we are just starting
and not wanting to order huge quantities, the price of getting the netting
here is massive.
We are most probably looking at an initial order of around 2000m depending
on width of fabric.
Product specifications: White mosquito netting - not insecticide
treated - suitable for making nets for babies cots

A company from Thailand requires the following:
Product specifications: Copper Tube (ASTM B-88): Straight Copper
Tube (length 6m.) and Soft Annealed Pancake Coil (length 15 ft)
Quantity required: The quantity required is about 200-500 MT

A company from USA requires the following:
Product specifications: Hot Paper Cups in 12/16/20 ounces with matching lids
Quantity required: 50,000
Payment terms: Net 30
Additional information
Will consider larger quantities and custom printed cups
Website details available

A company from Russia requires the following:
Present activities: importing fruit and berries
Product specifications: we need strawberry long stem, cherry , and loganberries,
Payment terms: prepayment
Price range: depends on the product
Quantity required: also depends on the product, but we are working with
big chains of supermarkets.

A company from Myanmar requires the following:
Here are some of the categories that we need to acquire for the
costal ship construction purpose: (especially for the Oil Barge
1. MS Hot Rolled Sheet /Plates ( width 1.5 m x length 6m x thickness
6mm to10mm)
2.Angle Bar (dimension 75mmto85mm xlength 6m, thickness 6mm)
3.U Channel (dimension75mm -150 mm-75mmx length 6m ,thickness 6mm)
I hope to receive the quotation for the above mentioned categories the
detailed with price list for each and every sizes and dimensions. And
I would like to know the acceptable payment system as well.
Quantity required:we will need about 100 tons per month in average.
Send email for buyer information or to request a quote from manufacturers

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 2:04 PM
A company from Sri Lanka requires the following:
Present activities:Imports,Buying And selling
Product specifications:1)Galvanised pipes size= 1/2" to 2",length 5.6mtrs,thicknss 1.2mm
2)CR sheets 1219mm x 2438mm x 0.36mm to 0.5mm
Payment terms:LC at sight
Quantity required:100 m.ton

A company from Pakistan requires the following:
Present activities: IMPORTER
Payment terms: L/C AT SIGHT , L/C 90DAYS
Price range: AS STANDARD
Quantity required: 20 FEET CONTAINER

A company from Iraq requires the following:
Present activities:printing industrial
Product specifications:duplex board size 100*70 cm.
3-grammage 250 to 500 gm.
4-both gray back and graft back.
5-we need some samples by mail?.
6-i need the price in FOB an C&F to (umm qaser) port in iraq.
7-we can buy all types of duplex carton gread like A or B or C .
Payment terms:as required
Price range:as per settlement
Quantity required:20 ton per month in the present time and it is will be improved in les than 3
Send email for buyer information or to request a quote from manufacturers

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