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Friday, July 01, 2005 7:26 PM
A company from Mumbai requires the following:
Product specifications: forged round plate (just circle) with out machining
SIZE:diameter 327mm
thickness 27mm
carbon:0.40 to 0.45
manganese:0.70 to 0.90
silicon:0.05 to normal
or any other material of similar composition
material should be ultrasonic tested
physical properties (proper micro structure without cracks)  Send email for buyer contact details or supplier offers

A company from Ireland requires the following:
Product specifications: curtain poles bay pole kits rings brackets finials also wrought iron gates in kit form
Quantity required: quantity we require we for gates and curtain poles
would be small on first order about 50 to 100 units
but after that we would be using 20ft or 40ft containers
Send email for buyer contact details or supplier offers

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