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We regularly receive detailed specifications from buyers for products required by them. Complete buyer details (email address, postal address, phone no., fax no., name of  contact person )  will be sent on payment of our nominal charges or on subscription . Please email  us, fill our feedback form  or contact on 91-022-25664078/55554853 if  any clarifications are required.

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Monday, June 27, 2005 4:21 PM
A company from Singapore requires the following:
present activities: retail salvar kameez/saress etc.
product specifications: salwar kameez/sarees , latest design, varies quality fabrics.
payment terms: possible 60 days thru INDIAN BANK singapore
price range: sing $20/= to $150/=
quantity: 1500 to 2000 pcs yearly in 2 to 3 orders.

A buyer from New Zealand requires the following:
Present activities: Advertising & Marketing
Product specifications: Flannelette Sheets - single - double - queen - king
Payment terms: optional
Quantity required: To be determined

A company from USA requires the following:
Present activities: We are one of the major importers of plumbing supplies based in Los Angeles.
Please quote us your best price for iron pipes from sizes 1-1/2" to 4-1/2".
Let us know also if they have ASTM888 certification and if you have ever
shipped in US..

A company from Malaysia requires the following:
Product specifications: Para-Diethylbenzene.
Quantity required: the quantity we need is 40 isotanks. For your info, 1 isotanks = 18000kg.
Please quote us your best price and delivery period.

A company from Pakistan requires the following:
Present activities:weaving unit
Product specifications:sulzer 130" TW11 OR PU
Price range:Around USD 10000
Quantity required:12 Looms

A company from USA requires the following:
Present activities: Seafood imports
Quantity required: CONTAINERS

A company from Iran requires the following:
Product specifications: we are looking for steel angle- steel channel-
and stainless steel hot rolled sheet from 10(mm)to 100(mm)
15 MT from each size request

Equal angles Size(mm) Quantity(MT)
25*25*2.5 30
30*30*3.0 30
40*40*4.0 30
50*50*5.0 140
60*60*6.0 70
70*70*7.0 140
80*80*8.0 70
90*90*9.0 70
100*100*10 140
120*120*12 140
130*130*12 70
140*140*12 70
140*140*13 70
140*140*14 140
150*150*14 70
150*150*15 140
160*160*15 140
180*180*18 140

Steel Channels Size(mm) Quantity(MT)
65*42*5.5 140
100*50*6.0 140
120*60*7.0 140
140*60*7.0 140
160*65*7.5 140
180*70*8.0 140
200*75*8.5 140
220*82*9.0 140
240*85*9.5 70
260*90*10 70
280*95*10 70
300*100*10 70
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