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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 2:46 PM
A company from Delhi requires the following:
Present activities: We are dealing in lot of Industrial items including various safety equipments,
having our base in Delhi. Please let us know what is your product range. We are however in need of
all types of industrial gloves, and one particular product that we require in very good quantity
every month is - TECHO NITRILE RUBBER COATED GLOVES. Basically if we can define, it is canvass
gloves coated with techo nitrile rubber.
If you deal in this quality please send us your samples as soon as possible, along with its
technical specifications & price quote.
We need gloves which are - cut resistant, water/oil proof    Send email for buyer contact details or supplier offers

A company from Egypt requires the following:
Present activities: Our company is specialized in importing seamless steel pipe
Kindly furnish us the final formal quotation for the following items CNF Ain Sukhna- Suez port;
along with all the certificates your mill has besides, the catalogues as soon as you can
We need cheapest kind of pipes
Quote for the available along with your chemical analysis
St 33.2 DIN 17100
Tolerance: DIN2441
Pipe ends: plain
Heavy weight for screw thread
Pipe ends: 6 m
Finishing: black
Insp .certificate EN 10204/3.1B   Send email for buyer contact details or supplier offers
1 seamless iron steel pipe DIN 20-dia 3/4 .pipe 6 meter ?
2 seamless iron steel pipe DIN 15-dia 1/2 .pipe 6 meter ?
DN Filett thread D S A CM2 Mass KG/M Qty CODICE CODE
DIN 15 1/2" 21.3 3.25 1.7 1.45 500
Pipes 0.164541.B
DIN 20 3/4" 26.9 3.25 3.3 1.90 2125
Pipes 0.164542.C

A company from Singapore requires the following:
Present activities: large retail store chain
Product specifications: have the following enquiries for product
a) men's business shirts either on CMT or FOB basis. Quantity is 350 pcs
per color. Quality of fabrics shld be in the range of 50 single to 120
double. Cotton only. Am interested in PIMA, Sea Island and Egyptian yarns.
7 sizes .
CMT price range - USD 2.5 - 2.8
FOB - USD 8-10 in 120/2 qlty
Send email for buyer contact details or supplier offers
b) women's business shirts - same as above - qty is 150-200 pcs per col. 5
sizes. Cotton only.
price as per men's

c) women's fashion apparel - embroidered , beaded or printed in silk
chiffons, satins and fine cottons. Styles range from blouses to skirts to
pants to evening dresses. This can be in FOB or CMT. Qty shld be abt 12
pcs per style.
CMT- USD 5-10 depending on styles

d) women's accessories - printed, beaded and embroidered silk scarves,
belts, slippers etc. Costume jewellery ethnic or otherwise. 60 pcs
Price range from USD 5-20

a) boys and girls apparel - Qty is 250 pcs per style.
- cut and sew knits
- woven tops and btms. this shld also include washed denims
- FOB basis
- sz range from 2 years old to 14 years old
- prices range from USD 3-6

b) boys and girls footwear - pls adv minimums
Payment terms - depending on total dollar value but TT is our usual mode.

A company from Ethiopia requires the following:
Product specifications: We are currently interested to get machinery suppliers for the
partial /complate machineries for the production of the following
Automotive Parts (heavy trucks,as well as normal)
- Air Filter /fuel Filter
- Brake Pad/Linings
-HeadLamp/ Rear lamp/Side Lamp.
Send email for buyer contact details or supplier offers

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